Installment Instructions

  1. Installment Options: We offer convenient installment options to make your purchase more affordable. During the checkout process, you can choose to pay in installments using a designated payment provider.
  2. Eligibility: Installment options may be available for eligible orders based on criteria such as order value, creditworthiness, and the terms and conditions set by the payment provider. Not all orders may qualify for installment payments.
  3. Select Installment Plan: Once you’ve added items to your cart and proceed to checkout, you will be presented with the available installment plans. Choose the plan that suits you best based on the provided information, including the number of installments and any associated fees or interest rates.
  4. Payment Authorization: When you select the installment plan, you will be directed to the payment provider’s website to complete the payment authorization process. Follow the instructions provided by the payment provider to authorize the installment payment.
  5. Installment Schedule: After the payment authorization is successful, the payment provider will provide you with the details of the installment schedule. This will include the amount and due dates of each installment payment.
  6. Automatic Payments: In most cases, the installment payments will be automatically deducted from your designated payment method on the scheduled due dates. Ensure that you have sufficient funds or credit limit to cover the payments.
  7. Manage Installments: If you need to manage or make changes to your installment plan, such as updating payment details or rescheduling payments, please refer to the instructions provided by the payment provider or contact their customer support.
  8. Order Fulfillment: Once the installment plan is set up, we will process and fulfill your order as usual. The order will be shipped or made available for pickup according to our regular procedures.